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Research on the Lack of EQ Education on Chinese Campus and the teaching Countermeasures

2014年11月19日 17:11  


作  者:郭刚军 赵义泉


期刊名称:Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering

论文级别:国际会议 EI检索



Abstract. This thesis takes the lack of the EQ education in the classroom of our universities into account. On the analysis, we found the cause to lead this predicament derives from society, university and family. In the light of this, we put forward some effective countermeasures such as renewing the teaching ideology and constructing good environment for the EQ education, setting up the EQ education curriculum, improving the ideological and political education teachers’ EQ level, and labeling the EQ education into the process of ideological and political education, creating the classroom model that is full of emotion, and carrying out the EQ investigation and establishing scientific and multiple evaluation model for the EQ education.

Keywords: EQ education, Class Instructions, Teaching countermeasures

The current predicament of the EQ education on Chinese campus

The book, learn to be pointed that, we should try to let individual and public sentiments occur, grow, develop roundly, and let each of their sentiments’ level and nook has a chance to integrate into the spirit of the times. It is basically the aim of the EQ education. Nevertheless, in the view of the class instructions, there is no effective management system and the actual operation to launch the EQ education as well as the IQ education. It shows concretely as follows,

The EQ education is not labeled to the courses or corresponding curricula. In our country, few of university offer the course of the EQ education. What’s worse, there is no teaching content is relevant to the EQ education in curriculums’ implementation program. From the above mentioned, we could know that the phenomenon to neglect practice of the EQ education is striking considerably on Chinese campus currently. Limited to teachers’ impercipient to the EQ education and the other actual difficulties, the resistance to label the EQ education into the curriculum plan is especially difficult to eliminate. Therefore, the importance of the EQ education can not be respected in the curriculum and teaching materials, including the value to promote mental development and study, the value to future success. Thus, the teacher has been lack of the concrete guidance of theoretical and operation of the concrete guidance in the teaching process. It is unavoidable that the EQ education is always submerged. Although the EQ education is a powerful guarantee to achieve quality education, it is a fundamental principle of school education that educational aim will be not realized if the content is not designed into the curriculum. [1] This seriously impedes college students' all-round development and the implementation of the EQ education.

The faculty to carry out the EQ education is ambiguous and their emotional intelligence is disproportionate. How can we trust that teachers who has weak feeling and will could teach well students? [2] Fortunatelythere exists a batch of teachers with higher emotional intelligence, including the teachers who teach the ideological and political science in the college. Currently, under the situation that the EQ education can not be put into execution through subject teaching, this job suits these teachers down to the ground. However, limit of teachers’ level of the emotional intelligence, the effect of this course is not very ideal. In a word, except for the subject teaching faculty, these teachers who teach the ideological and political science can not become teaching force of the EQ education. In this situation, some schools put the possibility to the instructors. However, it’s not enough, because there is only one instructor per grade on campus with numerous students by comparison.

The EQ education is opposite to the IQ education. Lenin pointed out that there will be no the pursuit to truth without people's feelings. [3] Nevertheless, due to the deep-rooted affect of cybernetics and instrument rationality, there exists the phenomenon that IQ and EQ is opposite in our college education. In order to increase teaching efficiency and complete the school curriculum in the classroom, the IQ education become the whole content which is only exist with rationality and purpose for teachers. By comparison, the EQ education which could control and adjust the IQ education is in the oral and written. Obviously, the latter can not play the role to the former. So, with the rapid development and rat race, the appearance becomes worse and worse so that students are in bad mental shape and unstable psychological state, and full of panic and anxiety to the future. Therefore, it is no catch to set the IQ education against the EQ education.

The EQ education and ideological and political education is separate. The character of the ideological and political education in the process of socialist modernization decrees its’ theory trait to keep pace with the times. The ideological and political class is the most reasonable vector of the EQ education, under the plight that EQ education is absent and can not integrate scientifically and organically with subject curriculum. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, the dilemma is rather severe that the ideological and political education and the EQ education are separate among our university. Most of universities are unable to integrate the EQ education into the political and ideological education. Actually, scientific world outlook and correct ideas could help students effectively adjust their moods, optimize the emotional quality, form positive relationship, and understand the meaning of life so as to fulfill the worth of a person and his perfect life. For this reason, the ideological and political education class without the EQ education involved will become boring, twisted, even up to the road of deformed development, and vice versa.

The cause to lead predicament that the lack of the EQ education in the classroom on Chinese campus.

From the quandary that the EQ education is absent in the classroom of our universities, we could know that Rome was not built in a day. The predicament is venerable tradition which originates from society, college, family.

Society leaves the EQ education behind. Education is a complex social phenomenon. We can’t grasp its’ overall content even have difficulty to make a rational value judgment depending on the only partial scientific method. Education is a kind of activity to make value choices and value pursue. Human is not only the target groups to educate but also the cause and result. Education will purely become a kind of physical activity and lose its’ value for man's life and social effect if we consider it as a process without feeling involved or ignore the quality of students’ character. Obviously, this is not the essence of education. [4] Nevertheless, since the last century, the scientific spirit has been providing the educational theory and practice a set of research standard. The general mood of society with instrument rationality orientated has broken the comprehensive education as a whole. The education within spirit of science provides the social progress and great power for technology development, in the meanwhile, it become alienation. It is well known that the scientific spirit and humanistic spirit are two kinds of ideas, methods and value systems used to explore the world and found mankind itself. Their conflict and the integration brought about human civilization and the culture vivid development and comprehensive promotion of human knowledge and proved to be the humans’ spirit and props to meet world and organize cultural. Therefore, our society without humanistic spirits and considering the scientific spirit as the whole is the social roots of the deficiency of the EQ education and could not being the teaching content in the classroom of universities.

Higher education ignores the EQ education. The psychologist, Daniel Goleman holds that among all of successful factors, the IQ account for 20% and emotional intelligence account for 80% or above. However, as for the education goal, our higher education generally based on the basis of scientism considers developing high technology and high intelligent person as the ultimate goal. College students’ emotional experience is ignored; As for the content of education, higher education lay stress on teaching the clear, logical and systematic knowledge of science, theories and interestFrom pedagogical methods, the method to teach and even impart mere knowledge severely dampened students’ learning initiativewith regard to the organization, teaching pay more attention on the collective forms rather than individual personality; From teaching assessment, standardized test is the most principal evaluation way. This stylized and reductionism model stress on the IQ education. It peels off cognition from feeling and awareness and strip reality from goodness and beauty which stress the cognitive development without feeling and awareness. This teaching evaluation pay more attention on the teaching organizational knowledge and developing rational ability which ignore to accumulate the emotional experience and develop the emotional ability, so as to students only learn of some knowledge with absence of emotion such as beauty and responsibility. With the rapid development of modern society, the success of a person does not only rest on his IQ factors but also the EQ factors. Therefore, the EQ education has become increasingly important. [5]

Family education pays less attention on the EQ education. Family education is not only the "cradle of education" but the "life-long education". The scientific and reasonable family education means and methods is the hotbed of emotional intelligence growth and development for the college students. Nevertheless, for the most of college students, the problem of their family education is serious. Except for the family structure and level of economic, the family atmosphere is enough to be the biggest obstacle to carry out the EQ education. Parent of students attach great importance to their academic performance instead of the emotional intelligence. This kind of tough family training mode is lack of care and love, which is harmful in fostering healthy personality. If things go on like this, family has loss his role to EQ education, and even turn to be the adverse factor. It does not only bring on the traditional notion to manifest higher education in the intellectual education, but make college students themselves forget the EQ education.

The teaching countermeasures for the EQ education on Chinese campus

From the above analysis, in order to achieve the strategy that developing education with high priority, instructing human resources powerful country, the EQ education is imperative. At the same time, teaching reform places higher expectations to higher education that education should explore comprehensively students’ quality. Therefore, it’s necessary to get rid of the guidance of scientism in order to enhance the EQ education. As for the goals, higher education should attach importance on accumulating the feelings experience; In terms of the content, higher education should make the content of the EQ education clear, logical and systemicOn the part of teaching methodology, higher education should change the method to teach simply even impart knowledgeFrom the mode of organization, teachers should stress students individuals in the circumstances of group lessonsFrom teaching evaluation, multiple assessment is necessary. Of course, from the angle of class teaching, the EQ education could adopt the following countermeasures.

Updating the teaching concept and constructing good environment for the EQ education. To create a good environment for the EQ education, first of all, managers should remove the traditional intellectualism notion which attaches more importance on the IQ other than the EQ. In the 21st century, personnel should be provided with these qualities such as strong ability of self-learning, high innovative power and intellectual migration, healthy personality. But nowadays our colleges attach teaching knowledge and skills. The intellectual education notion is not suitable to the demand of new era which leads to many college students expertise insightful professional knowledge instead of fractional knowledge and understanding about mankind itself. In fact, the EQ education and the IQ education are the two sides of a question, and they should promote each other. The unity of these two kinds of education is whole education which belongs to person.

Offering the EQ education curriculum. Course is a blueprint and carrier of education that is the basis and core in educational activities. College should label consciously the EQ education into the teaching plan and set up subject curriculum, activity curriculum and potential curriculum, and even establish an independent EQ education course to enhance students’ emotional intelligence for some universities which have excellent condition. This way could help higher education provide teachers effective and targeted guidance to practice the EQ education. In a word, to carry out the EQ education actually, higher education must arrange the class hour reasonably and systemically and organize the professional teachers to practice teaching. The teaching materials can be conducted according to the students from different grades. The professional teachers may launch situated instruction, biology teaching to train college students’ ability of self-awareness, self-motivation, controlling emotions effectivelyinterpersonal skillsfrustration tolerance.

Improving the ideological and political education teachers’ EQ level and labeling the EQ education into the process of the ideological and political education. Although currently part of teachers has realized the importance of the EQ education in the classroom, it needs a long time to change completely the dilemma of the deficiency of EQ education in the classroom of universities. Thus, the best way to launch the EQ education is to label it into the ideological and political education. It needs the college improve the ideological and political teachers’ EQ level. This may not only alleviate the situation that the faculty to promote the EQ education is not clear, in the long run, but also contribute to the effective and steady promotion of the EQ education and accumulating emotional experience in the sequence so as to prepare the staff for the EQ education.

Creating the classroom model that is full of emotion. In the classroom, the teacher should be renew teachers’ culture and establish harmonious, democratic and equal relationship with students and launch the EQ education in the created, dialogued and cooperated circumstance. This way could help teachers support a good environment to carry out smoothly the EQ education in the classroom. At the same time, it is beneficial for teachers to understand students’ EQ level so as to suit the remedy to the case such as the lack of ability to control and regulate their mood, weak withstand to psychological problems and so on. In the teaching procedure, the teacher must understand and respect for college students' feelings, character, and talk about dreams, career, future and the pursuit to life and happiness and mobilize students’ enthusiasm to participate the EQ education. In the situation that the EQ education is up for reforming and promoting, it is helpful for playing the leading role of teachers and students’ self-choice behavior and improving the actual effect of the EQ education to establish the mode of emotional classroom.

Carrying out the EQ investigation and establishing scientific and multiple evaluation model of the EQ. Curriculum and teaching investigation is a kind of activity which based on collecting education system information to make a value judgment on the whole or local education system on the basis of certain criteria. In the classroom, the evaluation is an essential element and segment, which decide the result of the EQ education. As to what method of investigation to take, it depends on the specific content of the EQ education. At present, the more effective method is the questionnaire form. Teachers should observe students’ embody during life and study for the purpose of finding out the situation of every student’s EQ level, when investigation is necessary. Of course, dialoguing between teacher and student and panel interview form is also advisable. The evaluation could play the role of appraisal, guidance, encourage and supervision. It is beneficial for students to harmonize and control their mood willingly, strictly and strenuously and promote their emotional intelligence develop in the right direction to assess students’ EQ fairly and objectively.



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